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F**k Putin
  • F**k Putin

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve felt sick and anxious for some time now. What is happening in Ukraine is unfathomable. Despite the day and age, we continue to watch barbaric history repeat itself…and we watch in real time.

    And so we are please to off our F**k Putin design.

    If you aren’t aware, the Sunflower is the national flower and in this horrific time, it has become a symbol of hope and peace. The blue and yellow reflect the Ukrainian flag.

    Please consider purchasing and please spread love and peace for the people of Ukraine.

    Pictured is "classic" size.


    **Order by 12:00 for same day delivery.

    **Please note, all designs are subject to availability and seasonal changes.  We recommend having a cocktail and just hitting send!

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